Podcast #13: Dungeons

Episode thirteen is here, with another guest host! Despain and ReynardFrost are joined by Chaos Avian to talk about dungeons. Our Play or Flay segment has a unique twist, as we look at our guest host’s own project topic and give him a chance to defend himself. Continue reading

Podcast #12: Battle Systems

With episode twelve, Despain and ReynardFrost are joined by Sevith to talk about battle systems! And roguelikes. Continue reading

Podcast #11: Cliches

Episode eleven is here, and we talk about cliches in your RPG games. Our hosts ReynardFrostDespain and Kilim weigh the pros and cons of using cliches, when they might be worth using, and take a look at some of the common cliches and why they’re cliches in the first place. Continue reading

Podcast #10: Influences and Inspiration

Episode ten has arrived, and now we are a real podcast! This time around, our hosts ReynardFrost, Despain and Kilim talk about the games that inspired them and influenced them as game designers, and how to draw inspiration from your own favorite games. Continue reading

Podcast #9: Commercial Games

Happy New Years! The ninth podcast is here to bring in 2013. Today, our hosts DespainKilim and ReynardFrost are joined by Nathanial B to talk about commercial games. Budgets, commissions, kickstarter and more! Continue reading

Podcast #8: Rewards

The eighth podcast is here, just in time for the holidays! Today, our hosts DespainKilim and ReynardFrost get into the holiday spirit by talking about presents! The topic is rewarding the player, and we talk about ways to make sure the player feels rewarded during gameplay. Continue reading