Podcast #7: Level Design

The seventh podcast is here! Today, our hosts DespainKilim and ReynardFrost talk about level design—mapping, mopping, puzzles, interactivity. Lots of good stuff this time around. Continue reading

Podcast #6: Cutscenes

The sixth podcast is here! Today, our hosts Despain, Kilim and ReynardFrost talk about cutscenes in RPG Maker. Pacing, introduction and ending cutscenes, and some tips about event choreography.

This week’s Play or Flay segment takes a look at blueperiod’s Linus. Continue reading

Podcast #5: X-ploration

The fifth podcast has arrived! This time, DespainReynardFrost and Kilim go deep on the subject of exploration. And instead of a Play or Flay segment, this time we take a look and review the beginning of the demo of X-Noir, by Volrath and Artbane. Continue reading

Podcast #4: Gettin’ Serious about Teams

The fourth podcast is here! This time, DespainReynardFrost and Kilim dive into working with a team vs going it solo. We also take a look at a project thread in our Play or Flay segment and are torn on the final decision. Continue reading

Podcast #3: Dialogue

The third podcast is here! This time, DespainReynardFrost and Kilim share our thoughts on writing dialogue for your games. We also take a look at a project thread in our Play or Flay segment and give some brutal tips when it comes to mapping.

Podcast #2: What Drives Story

The second podcast is here! This time, Despain, ReynardFrost and Kilim talk about the different ways to drive a story in games. It’s also the debut of the weekly segment Play or Flay, where we review a project from the RPG Maker Web forums. Check it out.