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Last updated September 1st, 2012

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Prices vary depending on the amount of time it will take to complete your request (size, style and framecount are major factors).

Typically I will charge $15-$25 an hour. The exact price will vary depending on the style of the piece. Most prices will be open to discussion (if I have a use for the commissioned art in my own personal project, I might offer a significant discount for shared rights; this offer can be refused).

Once I have the details of your request, I will respond with a price quote. Even if the commission is not taken, the information you give me will be kept secret if you wish.

All prices are in US Dollars. I accept Paypal.


You may contact me on this page or via email (derek.despain at or Facebook.

When you message me, please include details about the kind of thing you are looking for. Include the amount of sprites, frame number, etc. If you have a reference image, please include that.

When I have a solid understanding of what you want, I will reply with a price quote based on the information you have given.

If you would like me to match a specific style—say so. For styles other than RTP, please include some examples so I am able to better match the style. If you are looking for something in the RTP style, state whether it is XP or VX/Ace.

I will usually reply within the day or the next.

  • I am unavailable to work on long-term projects or “join your team”.
  • I request that I have permission to use any commissioned work as portfolio pieces. They will not be released publicly.
  • No furries, no ponies. No memes.
  • Adult (18+) is fine.
  • Requests that interest me personally or challenge me will often have priority.


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