Podcast #19: Side Content

This week, DespainReynardFrost, and Kilim enthusiastically dive into the subject of side content. What kind of side content is right for a game, the pros and cons of the positioning of the extras in your game, and the integration of side content into the main game. Check it out.

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Podcast #18: Player Psychographics

This week, Despain, ReynardFrost, Kilim and CaptainJet discuss the three player psychographics: Johnny, Timmy, and Spike. What are they? What does it mean? And how can you apply these concepts to your game design? Continue reading

Podcast #17: Show Don’t Tell

Despain, ReynardFrost, Kilim and CaptainJet all return to discuss the concept of Show Don’t Tell, and how it applies to game design. Continue reading

Podcast #16: The Hero in Battle

In this episode, Despain and Kilim are joined by CaptainJet to talk about the role of the hero characters in battle. Classes, stats, buffs/debuffs, skills—and the value of a turn. A lot of material is covered this time, so check it out.

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Podcast #15: Endings

At long last, episode 15 has arrived! This time, Despain and Reynard talk about game endings. What makes a good ending to your story—and what makes a bad one? And what’s the best way to end with satisfying gameplay? There’s some spoilers for older games, but Despain manages to stop himself from spoiling Bioshock Infinite.

This week’s Play or Flay looks at SnowOwl’s Skinwalker. Continue reading

Podcast #14: Character Development

Episode fourteen is here, with another guest host! Despain and ReynardFrost are joined by Solomon to talk about a much-requested subject, character development. What do your characters want? What are their goals? And how do those desires and goals change over the course of the game’s story?  Continue reading