Kitchen Tiles

Woop woop. Indie Game Maker contest starts this week. Some people might be using the Time Fantasy tiles, so I figure it’s time for a freebie.

Crazetex on the RPG Maker Web forums wrote a helpful little review on the pack with some suggestions, and matrexsvigil on twitter also suggested kitchen stuff too. So I threw these together: It’s kitchen countertop stuff that matches the interior tilesets in Time Fantasy set 1.

Click for image

These are loose tiles, so in order to use them in RMVX/Ace, you’ll have to edit them into a tileset. They’re already arranged in alligned 32×32 tiles.

To edit these or use them in RM2K3, just shrink them by 50% in an image editing program. Make sure to check “nearest neighbor” to keep the pixels clean.


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