Female Sprite Base

Normally, I don’t use a female body base for Time Fantasy character sprites. I’ve always used the original base for both sexes, because most of the design work was done for the individual character (plus– some ambiguity is useful for the kinds of sprites that I release for general use, it gives more flexibility for users to come up with their own characters).

But I can see how this might be useful for others who are designing new characters in the style… today’s release is something that multiple people have asked about in the past. After a special request, I put this together and I’m happy to share it with you here today.

You might have seen an older female variation on this page. Honestly, that version isn’t really good– it’s just a sloppy edit of the original base, and it doesn’t include the walking animations. Today’s update has a completely remade female character base with full four-directional walking animations.

You can see the differences here (the regular TF base in the green box, old vs new female form in the pink box).

Downloads (full four-directional female walking base):

I hope that you find this useful.