Free Symbiote Chara Sprites

Yo! Some of you may have played my IGMC entry, Symbiote (details and download here).

I thought that it would be cool to make some of the characters in pixel art form. So here are four characters from Symbiote, in the Time Fantasy style and free for anybody to use in any project*.

Symbiote sprites
Symbiote sprites (click for download)

Now that the IGMC is over, it’s to really dive into the next Time Fantasy pack. I have some things already made, and plans for more. I might show off a preview sometime in the near future, so stay tuned.



*Since these are based on characters from my game, I’m afraid that they can’t be used in commercial projects. However, if you edit/recolor them or use them in a generic way (for example as nobody NPCs or a generic slime enemy) or something like that, then I ain’t gonna stop you.