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A look at Skyborn

I recently played Skyborn. It’s one of the more attractive commercial RPG Maker games out there, and there’s been a lot of talk about it, mostly good. You can find it on Steam.

Still, I wasn’t expecting much from Skyborn. I’m pretty critical of RPG Maker games, and despite the impressive steampunk aesthetic, I wasn’t sure whether the game itself would impress me.

It did and it didn’t. I played it all the way through, which is saying something. But for the most part, it left me thinking “eh, this was okay I guess.” Is it worth the price? You be the judge of that. Beyond these initial thoughts, this is not a review—my goal is to look at some of the design choices made in Skyborn and what we might learn from them when creating our own RPGs. Read more

Video Tutorial: Password with Name Input

Learn how to create an event where the player must input a password. The event makes use of the ‘Name Input Processing’ command.

Video Tutorial: Steal Command

Learn how to use battle events to create a skill where the player can steal items from enemies. This tutorial is an introduction to battle events and random variables.

Video Tutorial: Falling Pit with Region IDs

Learn how to create a simple pit that will cause the player to fall to the floor below. This tutorial explains how to use coordinate variables and region IDs in RPG Maker VX Ace.

Infographic: Understanding Switches and Variables

Hopefully this image will be useful to new RPG Maker users. It’s no substitute for my tutorials on Switches and Variables, but I think that it gets the job done and contains a lot of useful information. Read more

RMVX Ace: Using Map Coordinates, Part 2

This one’s been a long time coming—sorry for the wait, but it’s time to follow up my Using Map Coordinates tutorial with part two.

This tutorial builds on the contents of the first tutorial, so if you haven’t read that one, or if you need a refresher—go back and read it now. In it, we took a look at the grid plane in RPG Maker VX Ace, and how to store an event’s (or the player’s) map coordinates into variables. After that, we created a pressure-switch—as long as the player was standing on it, the door would open. And that’s where we left it. The player isn’t able to reach the door and stand on the switch at the same time, so we’re going to have to create a block that the player can push on top of that switch. Read more