Lava Transition Animation

Hey guys! Sometimes you might want lava to melt into rock or vice versa. So here’s a small little animation that you can use with the time fantasy tiles.

Animated gif previews:

preview gif for animation 1Animation 1preview gif for animation 2Animation 2

Here are the frames used for these animations. The first frame (the lava) and the last frame (the rock ground) are found in the Time Fantasy tilesets. I’ve arranged these into simple PNG files so you can split up and organize the frames however is best for you.

16x16 tile animation
16×16 tile animation


2x size (for rpg maker version of time fantasy)
2x size (fits rpg maker vx/ace version)

Enjoy. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Lava Transition Animation

    1. You can use them however is easiest for the events or scripts you are using; thats why I left them as frames in an un-alligned png. You can organize them however is best for your needs.

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