Face Bases

A while ago I put a little bit of time into making facesets for Time Fantasy. Here is the base that I made. Free to use and edit.

I’m not entirely happy with it, but I’m putting faces on hold for now (combat animations and/or new tiles are the priorities for the next releases). I always plan to release the base for free, even if I were to release a full face pack in the future for price. So I figure that I might as well release what I have so far so someone can get some use out of it. 🙂

NOTE: These might appear blurry because they’re upscaled for the web. Click them to see them at the correct 100% size. Each face fits into a 32×32 tile.

face base
face base (click for download)

As for actual finished faces, I only made a few of these, here is what they look like. Mostly I was testing out the style (and ultimately wasn’t too happy with it). But if you want to use these faces then you can get the sheet here:

3 faces
3 faces (click for download)

Here is what they look like next to their sprites (from the Time Fantasy RPGMaker DLC):

preview with character sprites

20 thoughts on “Face Bases

  1. “and ultimately wasn’t too happy with it”
    Do you mean you won’t do some faceset with this style anymore? :/

  2. Thank you very much for this awesome work! By the way, is there any information on when the next dlc pack will be available? (The battlers pack)

  3. It has been quiet here for a while. Any news on the next pack being released or this face pack being finished? Loving the art style for my game thus far and would love to add to it.

      1. Monster pack and 80+ RPG Char will be on Steam? Cause i’m buying only steam and i want buy this.

        1. RPG chars are already on steam– the first RPGMaker time fantasy pack includes characters and tiles.

  4. By the way love that you release a non-rpg maker licence for these seperately. There’s so many RPG maker packs I’d like to use that require you to use their engine.

    You’ve really helped my game get going in the direction I want it to by offering an alternative! So thanks.

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