Christmas Tiles

Merry Christmas!

I was going to release these on Christmas Day, but I figure that I should release them early so you can get some use out of them leading up to Christmas.

As always, they’re arranged in a simple grid and can be added to any tileset.


These are free for everyone to use without any restrictions. Enjoy! Thanks!

6 thoughts on “Christmas Tiles

  1. Because they are “free to use… without any restriction”, does that mean that I can upload them to under Creative Commons Zero (CCO/Public Domain), or under Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY)?

    1. I wouldn’t count re-uploading them as “using” them. Free to use in your own projects without restriction or credit needed. 🙂

        1. Creative Commons I suppose. I think that’s the least restrictive. But also no credit or linkbacks necessary. Enjoy.

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