Monsters pack preview

Hey guys! Last night I put the finishing touches onto the Time Fantasy monster expansion pack! The monsters are designed so they can be used on the maps or used as side-view battlers. It will include over a hundred sprites with full walking animations:

– 20 “oversized/boss” monster sprites
– 40 regular monster sprites
– 16 unique orc character sprites (2 full sheets)
– a full sheet of 8 horses
– 24 new character sprites for heros/villains/etc
     – with emotion animations, pose animations, and horse-riding variations
– 16 new NPCs (2 full sheets)


Here’s a preview
sorry about the watermark you know how it goes

Get hyped for it!

14 thoughts on “Monsters pack preview

  1. I’m pretty damn excited for this. Looks like great stuff 😀 Will it be at the same price point as the first, in curiosity?

  2. Great job! I’m buying as SOON as it comes out man. Do you have a release date? I was holding off on production for my game waiting for this pack.

    And actually, another idea. For those of us (like myself) who are horrible at spriting, Would it be possible to get pose templates sometime in the future? Like dead/kneeling sprites?

    1. Dunno the exact release date; that’s up to the publisher.

      Pose templates is a good idea for a freebie! Thanks for the idea.

      1. Really? I thought you would have had the option to go direct-to-consumer and sell your resource packs that way.

        And I’m glad you like the idea! There were pose templates for Mack sprites that came in handy. They’d be especially good for your sprites with the style you use.

        1. Technically I can, but I try to respect Degica’s planned release schedule. Don’t plan to release the pack on other sites until after they put it up first.

          If you REALLY want to get a head start you can email me and we can work something out. 🙂

  3. Hype! Got some questions, if you don’t mind.

    1. Will there be differences in the content between the Degica release and your own?

    2. On a related note, is there a way for me to get animation1.png/animation2.png/puzzle.png at a discount? (I bought the Steam version and thought it had them 🙁 )

    3. Do you plan on releasing the Sci-Fi Tileset depicted in your art commission page?

    4. Why the hate against memes, man?

    1. 1. no difference in content. only difference is in the format of the graphics. when i put the packs up on gamedevmarket or itchio or whatever, they’re arranged in a more general way for all engines.

      2. animation1/2/puzzle are part of a free update for the first pack. that should have been updated quite some time ago, i guess they’ve been busy with the release of RMMV. send me an email and i’ll send them to you.

      3. yes! that’s planned to be the next release after the monsters. shhhh 🙂

      4. lol no hate for memes. just won’t want to be a part of a cheesy meme-game

  4. Hey mate! Do you know if you’re going to make him purchasable on Steam ? (I can’t buy anywhere else).

    Thanks! 😀

  5. Absolutely love the Time Fantasy graphic pack and look forward to seeing the sister pack being released. I hope it will be released for Christmas. ^_^

    1. It won’t be until January I think, but we’ll see. I don’t know the details of their releases so I can’t speak to anything else. I guess they’ve been busy.

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