The fourth podcast is here! This time, DespainReynardFrost and Kilim dive into working with a team vs going it solo. We also take a look at a project thread in our Play or Flay segment and are torn on the final decision.

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3 responses to “Podcast #4: Gettin’ Serious about Teams”

  1. Couragious Son says:

    I absolutely love these podcasts, I’m two weeks behind but I’m catching up tonight, please DO NOT stop making these, I don’t believe that I am the only one who agrees with this, just great work guys

  2. Candacis says:

    Would be helpful if you could write the name of the play or flay project in the podcast description. Sometimes it is really hard to understand what the title is.

    • Despain says:

      It’s included in the later episodes. This was one of the earlier episodes with the Play or Flay segments.

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