The third podcast is here! This time, DespainReynardFrost and Kilim share our thoughts on writing dialogue for your games. We also take a look at a project thread in our Play or Flay segment and give some brutal tips when it comes to mapping.

5 responses to “Podcast #3: Dialogue”

  1. pxlgraphic says:

    Why is my game featured in a podcast?!?!?! xD

    I’m aware it sucks, I’m not professional at all…

    And the dark and eerie doesn’t really apply anymore, that was more before I started developing it.

  2. pxlgraphic says:

    Also, the HUD is in some screenshots and not in others because I just made it recently after most screenshots were posted. It is under the lighting effects in one screenshot because when that was taken I didn’t know how to make it show above yet. I shouldn’t have put that in screenshot in there.

  3. pxlgraphic says:

    Oh and “You are an Jicko” was a just typo, my games are pretty solid on their grammar ;)

  4. Handy Fox says:

    I feel so bad for this guy. I’m sure he tried his best. Possibly his first game. But good spirit guy.

  5. pxlgraphic says:

    One last thing: I’m gonna unflay this game. A lot of what I put on the thread made it look worse than it is. The beginning cutscene is much better than the video on the thread. That cutscene, which I guess isn’t a cutscene, is Ezzeron explaining the world to Jicko after he loses his memory. Also, the lighting effects have changed a lot since I posted those screenshots. I will update them ASAP. But don’t lose faith in Wake! :3

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