Podcast #15: Endings

At long last, episode 15 has arrived! This time, Despain and Reynard talk about game endings. What makes a good ending to your story—and what makes a bad one? And what’s the best way to end with satisfying gameplay? There’s some spoilers for older games, but Despain manages to stop himself from spoiling Bioshock Infinite.

This week’s Play or Flay looks at SnowOwl’s Skinwalker.

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  1. Aceri says:

    A game doesn’t necessarily need to end at the endpoint of the gameplay or story. For example, if your story ends prior to the average player hitting the level cap or what have you, you can always add in progressive difficulties similar to how Diablo does it. Make your game, then make different difficulties, such as Normal < Medium < Hard ect., and have each one play through the same way, but with increased difficulty/rewards, then when the final encounter/story is over transfer the player to that new difficulty with some little message box after the final cutscene with something like, "Congratulations, you've unlocked XXX Difficulty!" or what have you.

    Or if you feel like making a game that stands out a little bit, make the final boss fight the plateau of your story instead of the end. Like just for example, you could have it to where your story goes along as planned, then after the final boss, the remainder of the game is cleaning up the destruction caused during the stories progression, offering players who enjoyed your game a little bit of extra backs story as well as an unwind and for the completionists out there the ability to max out the character(s).

  2. SamZJ says:

    Shin Megami Tensei:Devil Survivor has several endings depending on who you sided with which definitely makes the new game+ more attracting and you also get beef up a little along with new devils to fight on your side. For the ending it really depends on what type of game you have. A good example is the RPGmaker game “The Witch’s house”. While it seems like a normal escaping horror survivor game, a twist is shown after the player fulfills certain actions. I have an idea of a game that’s like persona with semester timeline based story. After the character resolve the finale issue, everyone has to go to summer school because of disrupted final exams. The endless summer phase will remove all the time base restriction events in order to allow the player to complete all the unfinished side quest and interact further with other NPCs. I guess it’s an open ending much similar to Aceri’s post above.

  3. DBAce9Aura says:

    Playing off of the “need” to have multiple endings in RPGs, there are people out there that flat out believe that RPGs can’t be worthy of the genre classification without them. It might have something to do with tabletop pen and paper RPG scene granting players the potential to do such a thing, I don’t know.

  4. Aceri says:

    Well in a Role Playing Game, having the ability to have multiple choices helps build immersion. Also RPG’s are largely about advancing your character through various means, being able to choose multiple endings kind of brings it all to a head, in my opinion anyways.

    Also I’ve noticed in every single episode you guys get on people for inconsistencies, perhaps you should do a podcast solely based on that?

  5. Handy Fox says:

    What if there was multiple endings, good bad, neutral, good 2, bad 2, random, etc but they are all parts of one ending and the player doesn’t know?

    Not sure but did you guys do an episode on building types, like inns, shops, and that type of stuff.

  6. Ron says:

    i like RMXP, it very much, i waitting make game with rmxp

  7. Missingno says:

    Hey what happened to you guys?

  8. Aceri says:

    I think after the ban from the RPG Maker forums they’ve just kind of lost their desire for this kind of thing.

    • Despain says:

      that’s certainly part of it. most of our listeners came from the rpgmakerweb forums and since i can’t really share the podcast there, it’s hard to get it to the larger audience.

      but the bigger reason we haven’t been able to update has to do with reynard’s job. he got a sweet job doing QA at a major games studio and he’s working full time. couple that with us being in different time zones and it makes it nearly impossible for us to schedule the time to record.

      sorry guys. the thing isn’t officially dead, but we’re off any regular schedule. we hope to get some episodes done here and there whenever we can, but as I said—finding that time is difficult.

      • Your fans, such as myself, will keep checking back! Miss you guys. I have all of your podcasts on a playlist and listen to them all the time. Have you tried some of the lesser known rpg maker community sites? rpgrevolution was one I used to hit up all the time. Chaos Project is good too. OR maybe just host your own forum, if it’s in the cards. Just some suggestions. Looking forward to your next podcast, guys!

      • Missingno says:

        What would it take to get you doing podcasts again? I might be able to help.

      • LockeZ says:

        I’ve seen a few of your things linked on rpgmaker.net and found you guys through there. I think you could do fine without rpgmakerweb if you just put out content!

        I admit to prefering the articles to the podcasts though, because I can read them at work. I can’t say I’ve ever listened to more than one of the podcasts, in fact.

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