This is the first of our new weekly podcast series. Our three hosts are myself, Despain, and my friends ReynardFrost and Kilim. We talk about game design in general, but with a focus on RPG Maker. Check it out.

8 responses to “Podcast #1: World Immersion”

  1. Bounce says:

    Awsome job guys… Can’t wait to hear more. Please share with me and on Twitter @Bounce_The_Cat Thanks for beinf INDIE!

  2. athros says:

    Nice work! Keep it up!

  3. athros says:

    Also, I like the articles, weven though I don’t use RPG Maker for writing my games :)

  4. Amy Zee says:

    You don’t need to be consistent with your game graphics as long as your inconsistency is consistent.
    The flash shooter game “Upgrade Complete” is an excellent example of this. 4-bit graphics at the beginning of the game, and fully detailed modern graphics at the end of the game, and it’s still consistent and coherent.
    Are you guys on iTunes’ podcasts section?
    Awesome podcast. You have the luck of having great voices to do podcasts. Something some other striving podcasts sadly lack.
    Are you going to do some podcasting sections, with; e.g. giving critique about the design of completed RPG Maker games, with attention to what is great, what is bad, and how that bad item can be made good;
    or giving some tips for RPGMaker and design of some item most people didn’t think of, but if done, could be used great.
    I think you are the right guys to do that kind of things.

    The length of the podcast is just great; a bit more and my attention would get away, and a bit less and I wouldn’t get enough podcast from you for this week.
    You may consider this as a five-star review! :)

  5. Couragious Son says:

    Very Nice! Keep em coming!!

  6. Shawn says:

    How do you guys feel about 2D graphics with an orchestrated soundtrack?

  7. You change the template ! I love it ! :)

  8. Candacis says:

    This was a really nice podcast. I’m listening to it while I’m mapping and I agree, Metroid Prime is awsome! ^^

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