I’ve been working on a new style of RPG graphics for the past couple of months. Things are starting to really come together. You may have seen me share some WIP images on the FBB facebook page. Here’s the first large preview of my Time Fantasy graphical style.

First off, here’s just a small group of some of the character sprites. Maybe you can recognize a few of them. ;)

charsAnd here are some maps that I created using the tiles. This is a mining town that I created:

miningtownNext up, the interior of the mines. Crystal mines, of course. Notice how the side doorways are locked. The player would need the correctly-colored key to open those. Also, the wall in the center is climbable.


And an interior map. This one is a shop:

interiorLastly, the set won’t just include classic fantasy locations. We’re taking it to the stars! Check out this spaceship cockpit map that I put together:

cockpitThis set is still a few months away from being completed. I have big ambitions for this style. I want to make this pretty comprehensive and allow for a huge variety of locations, both sci-fi and fantasy. What you see here is only a small sample of the stuff that I’ve created so far, but we’ve still got a long way to go.

What I want from YOU is suggestions! Where do we go from here? What kind of locations should I make next? What areas are important inclusions for an RPG graphic style?

Share your suggestions and ideas in the comments, on the facebook page, or via email. Give me inspiration.

Thanks guys.