Free Beach Tileset

Here’s a big freebie! Last month, we reached a major patron goal, and I promised to deliver another free tileset as a reward. Patrons voted for a beach tileset — and here it is!

This is the second free tileset that I’ve released because of the support of patrons. The first was the jungle tileset which I released last month. Like the jungle set, this beach tileset is free for anybody!

For more free releases like this, consider supporting me on patreon if you aren’t already! Even a single dollar helps (crowdfunding is awesome!)

Here’s a link to the download page on

And here’s a direct download to the .zip file: Download

(Note that the shoreline autotiles are not perfect in RPGMaker — the autotile system is incredibly limited. There’s not enough space on the A1 tilesheet for all the animated tiles, so you might have to do a little extra work or find some kind of workaround to make everything work perfectly.)

Thanks everybody for your support!