Dark Dimension Tileset

Hello! It’s time for another free tileset release!


Last month we reached a patreon reward goal and patrons voted on a theme for the tileset. The winner was the Dark Dimension, and I’m happy to release it today for everybody. This is the third free release made possible by patreon! This set follows the Jungle Tileset and the Beach Tileset.

Get it here: Dark Dimension Tileset on itch.io

Quick download: Dark Dimension Tileset .zip


Halloween Tiles


Here’s a small group of extra tiles with a Halloween theme. Halloween is more than two weeks away– there’s more time for you to put these to use! But they’re versatile enough to be used generally, I think. Doesn’t need to be October to have a spooky graveyard in your game!

I was going to release them as a patron exclusive– but at the last minute I decided to release them as a freebie for everybody. I like to release holiday-themed special graphics for free.

As usual with these tile add-ons, the set is arranged in a simple tile grid that can be added to any tileset. Here’s the downloads: