Hey guys! I’ve been CRAZY busy the last month, busting my ass to make this game. This is my entry for the 2015 Indie Game Maker Contest. There’s more about the contest here on GameDevFort.

If you enjoy the game, consider voting for it! :)

So the game I’ve made is SYMBIOTE. It’s an adventure-platformer, but the best way to describe the game is to show the gameplay in action:

Here’s the deets:

  • The focus of the game is on the movement: tight, responsive controls allow for precise platforming.
  • Features hi-res, hand-drawn graphics and animations.
  • Put together the backstory from the crew’s recorded messages, or feel free to ignore the story to get on with the action.
  • Collect sparks from defeated foes to upgrade your max health.
  • For completionists, find the five artifacts hidden throughout the world.
  • Playable with gamepad or keyboard. Gamepad STRONGLY recommended.
  • Support for multiple resolutions.

You can check out the submission page on GameDevFort here: Submission Page

And if you just want to dive in and play it: Direct download