I made these graphics some time ago for a platform prototype. I’m releasing them today because I figure that some people out there might have a use for them. These aren’t for making a full game with. They’re some animated sprites and tiles for use in creating platformers, useful for prototype development. Developers might find some use for them as placeholders when creating platform engines and whatnot. Enjoy.

Platformer sprite

Platformer sprite


Here are the individual files that you’ll find in the zip file. This way you can download individual graphics or just look at them.

Player Sprite




Enjoy.  There’s not enough here for a full game, but maybe you’ll find them useful.

I ask that you don’t sell anything with these in the final product (or at least contact me first). I’m releasing them primarily for use as functional animated placeholders. If you want to make a free game with them, though, that’s fine. Just tell me about it so I can check it out.