Update: Nope.

Forums seem a bit outdated these days when everything is so connected. Leave comments on the page or we can chat on twitter or facebook or whatever.


I’m trying a beta launch of a forum for this site.

Whaaat? Forums? Why?

We’ve been publishing high-quality content on this site for a while now. It comes with the territory that a lot of people ask me for advice on their pixel art and their game projects. Email isn’t the most efficient, especially since a lot of my advice is general and would be useful for a lot of people. It seems like a simple forum would be the perfect way to create a space for opening up that kind of discussion.

I also find that giving feedback is one of the best ways to improve your own skills. To critically analyze somebody else’s work is a fantastic way of getting better at the craft. This board isn’t just space for “hey despain what do you think of this thing that I made?” (although that’s fine, I guess)—but a place for people to share and critique each other’s work. This provides a place to do just that.

Check it out.