What is this site?

finalbossblues.com is a site dedicated to articles and tutorials about game design and game artwork. It started off years ago as a simple blog to share my pixel art tutorials, and as I wrote more articles dedicated to other aspects of game design, as well as technical tutorials for the RPG Maker series, the website evolved.

While the primary audience is RPG Maker users, most of the content on this site has a broader appeal. As I personally have grown further away from RPG Maker, the articles have become more and more about game design in general. Everybody should be able to find something of interest here. :)

The goal of the site is to provide the highest quality content. Articles, tutorials, videos—everything that I publish on this website I hold to a very high standard.

I also use it as a personal site for stuff like my art portfolio, but that takes a back seat to the primary purpose of the site: quality content for the indie game designer.

Who runs this site?

My name is Jason Perry, online handle of Despain, and I have gone by many nicks over the years in this community and others (evincar, ionem, missingno/ise, frieza, sey, etc).

I have been a contributor to the RPG Maker community for over a decade, as a writer, graphics artist as well as community moderator and administrator. I have been using the RPG Maker programs since early 2000 and have extensive experience with RM2K, RM2K3, RMXP, RMVX and RMVXAce, as well as experience as a web designer and writer. I have an honors degree in English Literature and currently work as a freelance graphics artist.