Want your content on finalbossblues? It’s open call for guest posts.

Game design articles, art tutorials, RPG Maker tutorials… whatever you want. The subject’s up to you. As long as its about game design, and as long as it is high quality, there’s a good chance I’ll accept it.

Your stuff doesn’t need to be exclusive to this site, but it would sure be nice. That doesn’t count for posting your articles on forums, of course. But if you submit to this site, it would be swell if this was the primary place where the “hard” copy was posted. If you like to write content, but don’t have a site or blog of your own, this is a good chance to have a home for your articles.

Guidelines and Suggestions

  • Your content has to be good. I’m gonna be picky.
  • Know what you are talking about.
  • Try not to submit stuff that covers subjects already covered on this site.
  • Use images. Especially in RPG Maker tutorials.
  • Content should be a solid length. Not too short, but nothing ridiculously long.
  • No reviews, critiques, anything like that. Keep it instructional.
  • Please don’t spam this with stupid shit. :(

Copy or write your article into the field below as you’d like it to appear on the site.


I should be able to approve or deny submissions within a day or two.

Video Submissions

If you want to submit a video tutorial to the site, that’s cool too. Rules are gonna be a little different for videos, though, because I’ll upload it to the fbb youtube channel. I’ll also probably want to add the fbb intro to the video, so if that’s cool with you, you can send me a video. If that’s what you want to do, you’ll want to send me the link in an email.