Hey y’all. Just felt like it might be necessary to clear up some things about me, RPG Maker, and the future of this website.

Couple days ago, I was banned from the official RPG Maker Web forums. It seems that I’ve questioned staff decisions one too many times. :)

So what does that mean for your favorite tutorial website? Not much is going to change.

The forums took a lot of my time, and now that time is free to write up more articles and tutorials, and to make more video content. RPG Maker is still my hobby, and I enjoy sharing it and writing about it. In truth, spending a lot of time on RPG Maker forums was taking time away from actually using RPG Maker. The situation is a blessing in disguise.

The podcast will not end. This week’s episode was delayed because of these events, but we should be back on schedule next week. Sorry for the wait.

I will continue to write articles for the Official RPG Maker Web blog. I have a good relationship with the people there, even if we disagree on decisions about the forums. In truth, I’ve always been more comfortable producing content than dealing with forum politics. Now I’m free to do that.

You won’t see me posting on the official forums, but Final Boss Blues will still be the best website for quality articles and tutorials about RPG Maker, game design and pixel art.

I have some cool stuff planned, so stay updated. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter so you don’t miss any new content—especially now that our content might not be posted on the official forums. As always, you can contact me through either of those sites, via email, or by leaving a comment on this website—I’m not going anywhere.

Let me know what you want to see from Final Boss Blues in the future. It will be fun.

And as always, happy game making.