Yo. It’s been a while. Finally getting around to doing some of that “cool stuff” that I promised a while back. :)

First off, you can probably tell that the site looks different. I made some changes to the design and color scheme. It looks a little bit weird in some places, maybe, but the purpose behind the design change was to maximize readability for the content pages: the articles and tutorials. Most of the content on this site is pretty text-heavy, so I wanted to update the colors to make those longer articles a little easier on the eyes.

If you come across any areas of the site that look particularly funky, let me know. I’m sure that there are some areas that I missed and might look kinda broken.

Along with the design changes, I updated lots of other things here and there. First off, organization is better in lots of small ways. The podcasts, articles and tutorial pages should be much easier to navigate.

I also added a few new pages: the about page, the contact page, and the site blog section. The site blog is where you’ll find posts that are about the site (like this one!). They won’t appear on the main page, because I want to keep that streamlined and focused on content.

And lastly, there’s one more really exciting new page: submit content.

It’s no secret that I’ve been really busy lately, and the site hasn’t been updating as frequently as I’d like. On top of that, people have asked me before about putting their articles and tutorials up on the site. If you’re interested in contributing, check it out. But remember, this is finalbossblues, so I’m only looking for the best of the best. :)

Also probably worth mentioning that I have three drafts of half-finished articles just begging to be completed. So you should be seeing some new content from me in the near future.

Smell ya later.