I’m looking for a programmer to help make a game.

I am a professional pixel artist and capable of creating the graphics for the entire project — much of these assets are already made.

The original plan was to make the game entirely on my own. I’m going to be making all the graphics myself, in addition to the design work (and on top of my other jobs and obligations!) — I’ve realized that if I continue on my own, it’s unlikely to be finished in any reasonable time frame.

I’m using Game Maker Studio 2. You should be familiar with GML. Programming responsibilities will mostly be enemy behavior and patternslevel hazards and gimmicks and implementation of boss fights.

Some of the monster sprites we'll be working with.

Some of the monster sprites we’ll be working with.

I’m not looking for someone to program the entire game for me– I still plan on handling a lot of it myself.

Ultimately, I’d like to work with somebody who can make objects, so I can focus on design and graphics. For example: we’d come up with a behavior for a monster, I’d make the animations and give them to you, and you program the enemy object so that I can drop it into the levels.


As a freelancer myself, I understand that time is valuable. I want to pay you for your time– but this isn’t a project with a real budget.

This is starting as a personal side-project, and I’m simply looking for help.

I would like to work towards a kickstarter, with which we would work out a budget for your programming role. For this reason, I understand that the “job” would be off-putting to experienced programmers, and I get it. I’ve been there.

Please only consider this if it’s a project that you would want to work on and if my art experience and style interests you. This is the kind of project for a programmer who would love to work on a straightforward game, but doesn’t have anybody to do the graphics. This begins as a “passion project”, and there won’t be any sort of budget until we reach at least a fund-raising phase.

I’m open to talking more about money/shares/etc, as we go forward.

About The Game

Far Out is a side-scrolling platformer with an interconnected “metroidvania”-style open world.

The project is specifically not too ambitious: novelty isn’t a priority– instead the goal of the game is simply to be extremely solid: with above-average pixel aesthetics, a high degree of polish, exploration-driven design, and fun and fluid gamefeel.

If you’re interested, of course we can talk in more detail about the plans for this project. I have plenty of assets, notes, documents, drawings and ideas.

I’ve also previously made a game in the same “metroidvania” genre: Symbiote was created in 30 days and won the third-place prize in the 2015 Indie Game Making Contest.


Please remember that this is a side-project that I work on between other jobs– I wouldn’t except any more than that from you either. Deadlines and other things would be worked out later, when we reach a point where we have a “demo” and are ready to look for funding to take it to the next level.

I usually work on the game in spurts of activity. For the most part, I imagine that we would simply organize over discord and share some updates once a week or whatever.

On to the visuals! These gifs were taken at various points during (pre-)development:

This one is from an older variation of the project (same style and graphics, different player character) that you can find here. It shows how the graphics would look, since the rest of these .gifs are more dev-boxy:



If you’re interested, send me an email.


These questions would help you write an email to me.

  • What kind of experience do you have? (with game dev/with Game Maker/anything relevant)
  • What kind of time would you be able/willing to devote to this?
  • Any links to previous games/portfolio/gallery/itch page/etc?

Personality Questions (to gauge if we would be a good fit for working together):

  • Fave games? Biggest influences game-wise?
  • What do you do for fun/hobby (beyond games)?
  • Where do you normally “hang out” on the internet? (social media, forums, imageboards, etc)
  • What was Gamergate about?

Email me here: Contact